3 Valentine’s Day Ideas For You And Your Pet

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3 Valentine’s Day Ideas For You And Your Pet

valentine's day ideas for you and your pet

February 14th is a day of celebrating love in all its forms and fashions, and it’s the perfect excuse to spend some time celebrating your love for your favorite companion–your pet! While Valentine’s Day gifts are fantastic, there’s just something special about spending time with the humans and pets you love on Valentine’s Day. In honor of the approaching holiday, we’ve put together a list of Valentine’s Day ideas for you and your pet to enjoy.


1) Have a Photo Shoot

Photos are great ways to capture memories for years to come. Dress yourself and your pet extra nice, find a nice backdrop, and snap away! Need some fun photo ideas? Look up engagement session poses for a variety of looks to try out. There are lots of creative photo ideas out there, and there’s always the opportunity to match and make your pet look as stylish as you are. 

2) Make Treats to Share

Almost everyone appreciates a great delicious dish or baked treat, including your pet! Although not many human foods are pet-friendly, there are lots of pet versions of sweet treats that you can bake with your furry friend by your side. Not much of a chef or a baker? Order some scrumptious treats from The Dog Bakery or Four Your Paws Only. Businesses like these specialize in making pet-safe recipes that your companion is sure to appreciate.

3) Have A Date Night

Although you probably can’t go to your local restaurant with your cat or your dog in tow, there’s nothing like a good stay at home date night with your favorite foods and cozying up with a good show. Are you a fan of exercise? Make fetch an activity on your date night itinerary! Give your pet a massage to express your love, or better yet, go for a nice long walk until you’re both tired out and want to snuggle. 


When it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day with your pets, the options are seemingly endless! These 3 ideas are great ideas to begin with, but for a more extensive list, here are 5 more ideas on how to have a great Valentine’s Day with your pet. Don’t forget to have fun sharing the love this holiday!


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