4 Tips On How You And Your Dog Can Stay Active

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4 Tips On How You And Your Dog Can Stay Active

A man in a black coat and jeans follows his off-leash dog, both enjoying a walk on a forest trail.

It’s always more motivating to stay active when someone else is moving with you. However, no one specified that your “someone” can’t be your dog! In fact, there are plenty of ways that you and your dog can stay active together, resulting in health benefits for both of you in the long run.

Here are four tips on how you and your dog can stay active:

Go on a daily walk or jog.

Don’t underestimate the benefits of a simple walk! Getting outside and moving is a great way to maintain your cardiovascular health and to keep your pet’s weight at a happy place. If walking isn’t your thing, try going for a jog. Both you and your dog can soak up some Vitamin D from the sunshine and experience lifted spirits while breathing in the fresh air.

Play fetch.

All you need is a ball, a stick, or some sort of toy and a willing dog to play fetch. Throwing objects far away and encouraging your dog to go fetch them (or racing your dog to grab them yourself) is another great way to stay active with your pet. Playing fetch builds endurance and gives you a good arm workout. Additionally, you’ll have to go fetch the object you’re throwing yourself if your dog ever doesn’t feel up to it.

Run around.

Your dog will more than likely get excited and run with you if you decide to dash around the yard! If you run around your yard or dash from side to side, your dog will want to follow you and see what’s going on. Going on a quick run is a great way to engage with your dog while keeping both of your heart rates up.

Take a hike.

Enjoy the outdoors? Take your dog on a hike with you! Relax on a scenic trail while getting in your steps with your pet. Heading to new trails every so often allows you to switch up the scenery and explore new places, and your dog will be happy to sniff all the new scents around it.

These four tips are only the beginning of a wide variety of ways you and your dog can stay active. For more ideas on how to get your heart rate up and keep your dog healthy, too, check out these 13 fun ways to work out with your dog

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