Is My Dog or Cat Drinking Enough Water?

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Is My Dog or Cat Drinking Enough Water?

Drinking enough water

As we wave our farewells to summer and get in the groove for fall, one of the priorities that should stay on your mind, no matter what season, is to fight dehydration. We all know how important drinking water is for our health and well-being, but how do you know how much water your pet is drinking? Are they drinking too much? Too little? What’s the litmus test to figure that out? There are signs that can tell you whether your pet is drinking enough water or if they are drinking too little. It may seem daunting, but if you follow these tips, you can ensure your pet is staying healthy and hydrated year-round. 

Supply your pet with clean water.

To motivate your pet to stay hydrated regularly, make sure they are having clean water to drink. This also means you have to be mindful of any debris that might be in your pet’s bowl and clean it out, so your pet’s water doesn’t get contaminated. If the water is clean, your pet will stay hydrated longer. 

Replace your pet’s water every day. 

Just like humans, your pet needs access to clean water, so don’t miss out on this important step! It is recommended for your pet to drink between ½ ounce to 1 ounce of water per pound (of body weight). It should also be noted that dogs drink more than cats. 

Keep your pet’s bowl in a cool area. 

Your pet is more likely to drink out of their bowl if it is in a cooler area. Everyone knows it’s all about the packaging when it comes to presentation, and pets are no different. A recirculating water bowl (in other words, a pet water fountain!) may just be what your pet needs for a continuous source of clean water. 

Bring water on excursions with your pet. 

Even when you’re on the go, whether you are going for a quick outing or a longer walk at the park, pack water for your pet, especially if it’s hot outside. If you feel thirsty after going out, chances are your pet feels the same way. 

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