Keeping Your Pets Safe This Halloween

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Keeping Your Pets Safe This Halloween

Image of a cat relaxing on a couch beside a witch doll, both leaning against a spiderweb orange pillow and a pumpkin pillow

Halloween is a fun and festive time of year with its spooky origins celebrating the macabre and mysterious. While Halloween is now more of a pop culture potion, the liveliness that comes with it can be as stressful as it is exciting for your dog or cat. Your number one priority as a pet parent is to take care of your pet this season by understanding Halloween from their perspective. A dog runs on its protective instincts to alert you of danger when trick-or-treaters continuously ring the doorbell, while a cat naturally prefers quiet environments. Keeping your pets safe with those key facts about them in mind is essential. 

What Are The Most Effective Ways To Keep Your Dog Or Cat Safe This Halloween?

  • Keep candy stashed where your pet can’t reach it! While Halloween candy is something that children (and adults!) relish, the same candy can be hazardous for dogs and cats. You should keep foods such as chocolate and gum as far away from your pet’s sensitive olfactory glands as possible, so they aren’t tempted to taste them. 
  • Some Halloween decorations (like rubber eyeballs and fake blood) can cause trouble for your pet if you aren’t careful! You can create pet-friendly holiday decorations by making a haunted house out of cardboard boxes or putting toys inside a paper bag. 
  • It’s a big, wide world out there, and that sentiment is heightened on Halloween night, significantly. Secure your pet(s) inside so they don’t run away from the fear of seeing their human family member in costume, but in case it happens, ensure your furry friend is wearing ID tags with the most up-to-date information. Opening and closing the door for trick-or-treaters gives your pet a good opportunity to slip outside, so take precautions accordingly!

What Should You Know About Halloween Costumes For Pets?

Your pet is unique and deserves a unique costume to suit their style! Consider the types of costumes your pet may tolerate and for how long; for example, a costume with a mask looks great for photos but can be uncomfortable for your pet if kept on for a long time.

  • You can’t go wrong with a pumpkin costume! Dressing your dog or cat in a pumpkin costume is a great way to show your love for the season- you could even go in matching costumes when you dress your pet up in a food-related costume!
  • Try dressing your dog or cat in a ghost costume, perfectly synonymous with Halloween. A ghost costume is also the most budget-friendly option in the realm of costumes- all it takes is a white sheet or towel!
  • We all love a good movie, so dressing your pet as a recognizable movie character will surely bring in compliments! You don’t even have to go crazy with it- a hat or necktie that matches the character’s style should do the trick. 

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