Taking Care Of Your Pet In The Cold

Winter is almost here, but temperatures have been dropping for the past few months, which means it’s important to be taking any necessary measures to take extra care of your pet in the cold.

Winter pet care looks different than summer pet care, and adjusting for the weather is an important part of keeping your pets’ health top of mind.

Here are a few tips on taking care of your pet in the cold:

Keep Your Pets Inside

When it’s really cold and you don’t find it pleasant to be outside, chances are, your pets feel the same way. Pets can freeze or get frostbite when left outside for too long, so stay aware of when your pets are outside and make sure that they’re never outside left unattended or for too long! Additionally, don’t keep your pets in your vehicle when it’s turned off. Your vehicle can act as a refrigerator when it’s cold outside.

Wash and Dry Your Pet’s Paws After Outdoor Walks

In addition to dirt, winter means that salt, chemicals, and ice may get lodged in your pet’s paws after walking on the roads or sidewalks when outdoors. Be sure to wash and dry your pet’s paws after outdoor walks to make sure you remove anything that gets stuck there during your time outside.

Adjust Calories To Fit Daily Activity

Some pets are more active in the winter and expend a lot of energy while playing outdoors, while other pets are more lethargic and should go on fewer walks outdoors during the winter. Be mindful of your pets’ activity levels and adjust their calories to fit their energy expenditure needs!


For more cold weather safety tips for your pet, do a quick Google search to learn best practices for your specific animal.

If you think your pet might have frostbite or a cold, call Caudle Vet Clinic at (615) 227-6230 to schedule a check-up today! We have highly-trained veterinarians and assistants to examine, diagnose, and care for your pets in sickness and in health.

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