Unconventional Pet Activities for a Unique Bonding Experience

bonding experience

Have you ever seen funny videos online of pets doing unusual things and wondered how their owners got started? If you already have an active lifestyle, it is a great idea to get your pet involved in the fun. Here are some unique activities for a bonding experience for you and your pet that our team at Caudle Vet Clinic thinks could be great fun! 

Unique Bonding Experiences For You And Your Pet

  • Go on a pet-friendly vacation: have you ever been on vacation and wished that your pet could be there to join in on the fun? Why not take a pet-friendly vacation then! Consider taking your pet on a hike in one of the stunning landscapes that Tennessee has to offer or on a beachside vacation where they can have fun in the sun. 
  • Pet Photo Shoot: taking funny family style themed photos with your pet is sure to be a way to delight friends and family. You’ll have lovely photos to use as a phone wallpaper or even for holiday cards!
  • Pet Birthday Party: Every birthday your pet has is a milestone to celebrate. Why not throw them a little party? You can give them a special and healthy treat with a candle on top, just make sure to blow the flame out safely for them first!
  • Get Crafty: Instead of going out in the evening and leaving your pet at home, consider staying in for a cozy and crafty activity night! You could spend time drawing your pet or using a custom paint by numbers set of your pet for fun. There are many ways to involve your pet in your artistic activities that can create a result for you to hang up on the wall. 

Caudle Vet Clinic Adventure Safety Tips

  • Leash: If you are taking your pet to a park or trail they haven’t been on before, they will undoubtedly be curious and interested in their new environment. This is why it is all the more important to keep them on a leash, especially if other pets or wild animals will be around. 
  • Comfort Zone: While new activities can be a chance for fun, there is also the possibility that your pet could get overwhelmed, which can lead to unnecessary stress. Therefore it is important to choose activities that your pet will enjoy. For instance, if your pet hates water, it is not the best idea to take them swimming. 
  • Consider the Elements: Your pets’ tolerance for the outdoors and stimulating environments should be taken into consideration when planning activities. Gradual introductions into new spaces can make new experiences that much more fun and rewarding for you and your pet! If the weather is too cold, rainy, or hot on a day you planned an outdoor activity, it is wise to stay in and reschedule for another day to protect you and your pet. 
  • Regular Check-Ups: All this adventure can make for happier pets, which we love to see! Whether the activities you plan with your pet take them outside or not, it is wise to keep up with regular appointments to make sure that they haven’t gotten sick or injured while being active. Regular checkups at Caudle Vet Clinic can make all the difference in your pet’s livelihood!

Our staff at Caudle Vet Clinic love seeing happy and healthy pets, and fun activities can boost your pets spirits. We can be contacted for appointments at (615) 227-6230 or on our website. We wish you and your pet a spring and summer full of fun adventures, and can’t wait to hear all about them!

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