Common Cat Myths And How You Can Resolve Them

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Common Cat Myths And How You Can Resolve Them

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Cats are one of the strongest contenders to be an additional member of your family. While they are a furry favorite among many in the US, society often misunderstands them. However, there is more to your cat than the myths you may have heard! While some tales are innocuous, others are much more deadly because the way you may treat these creatures depends on basic hearsay rather than actual facts. 

What Are Some Of The Most Common Cat Myths? 

  • MYTH: Cats are low-maintenance pets that don’t require much attention like dogs. 
  • MYTH: Cats always land on their feet when they fall. 
  • MYTH: Cats HATE water. 
  • MYTH: You can’t train a cat the way you train a dog. 

What Is The Reality Behind These Cat Myths? 

  • REALITY: This couldn’t be more untrue! While dogs may require more attention and care compared to cats in some ways, cats also require love and care. Cats may not need to be taken out three times a day, but the idea that they don’t need as much care is dangerous because cats can get separation anxiety just like dogs. 
  • REALITY: False- cats can sometimes land on their feet, but that doesn’t mean they can do it on command! Cats have a built-in balancing system called a “righting reflex,” which helps them orient themselves when landing on their feet. This allows them to gauge which way is up and rotate their heads quickly so their bodies can follow soon after, giving the impression that cats always land on their feet. 
  • REALITY: Fascinatingly, many cats are interested in water, and some may even love to play in it! This is especially the case if it is running from a faucet. The truth is that cats just don’t like to be engulfed in water- which is totally understandable!
  • REALITY: While it is true that cats and dogs can’t be trained the same, cats can’t get away from the training process! Unlike dogs, cats won’t learn from discipline and will shirk from any type of punishment. It is recommended that you administer short training sessions with rewards for good work

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