How to Help Alleviate Spring Pet Allergies

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How to Help Alleviate Spring Pet Allergies

Two dogs near the sidewalk: a black daschund in front and a black and white cocker spaniel following.

Spring is here, and while this season is synonymous with growth and renewal, it can also spell seasonal allergies for humans and our furry friends. Our pets start shedding more while we are trying to get used to blooming flowers, growing trees, and of course, the higher pollen content in the air. While there are preventative measures to take, your pet may still experience allergies due to changing seasons. Below, we have listed some ways you can alleviate your pet’s spring allergies and how to manage them as the season progresses. 

The Itchy And Scratchy Tales: How Can You Relieve Your Pet’s Springtime Allergies? 

  • Bathing your pet regularly can keep allergies at bay while having them clean as well! Potential allergens that stick to your pet’s fur can be washed away quickly by having a regularly scheduled bathtime. You must pay special attention to rinsing your pet’s eyes and ears because those are the areas that allergies affect the most. This holds true especially for outdoor pets because they constantly pick up spores from the environment. 
  • Keep your pet’s living area spic-and-span! Not only is it unhealthy to live in a filthy environment, but it’s also uncomfortable when your pet’s living areas haven’t been cleaned in some time. By regularly vacuuming and sweeping your pet’s living areas, you are minimizing allergens in the areas that your pet eats and sleeps. This is essential to diminishing the effects of your pet’s seasonal allergies. 
  • If your pet’s seasonal allergies are still lingering, it may be time for a vet visit! Your vet will be able to diagnose allergies after examining your dog or cat and prescribe a solution for it. This is even more so if your pet is experiencing severe spring allergies. 

How Can You Manage Your Pet’s Allergies Once Spring Progresses Into Summer?

  • Allergy shots or oral drops can help lessen the impact of seasonal allergies on your dog or cat. Your vet must perform a series of allergy tests before prescribing a personalized allergy serum based on the results. 
  • If your pet is an indoor pet, keep them inside as much as possible and close windows to prevent allergens from coming into your home. 
  • Acupuncture is well-known to relieve some pets of their springtime allergies, so you may want to look into this if your dog or cat’s allergies are chronic. 

Is your dog or cat experiencing seasonal allergies? Has it been some time since they’ve had their annual checkup? If so, it may be time for you and your pet to give us a visit! At Caudle Vet Clinic, we provide compassionate care for all your furry friends needing veterinary services. We offer trustworthy services in the greater Nashville area without missing a beat, including an on-site pharmacy and a state-of-the-art surgery suite. We hope your dog or cat is safe and healthy, but if you need us, contact us at (615) 227-6230. We’d be happy to help out. 

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