Common Household Dangers For Pets

Common Household Dangers For Pets

Considering that your lovable pets sometimes get a hold of your clothing, dinner, or other household items, it’s important to recognize which household products are dangerous to your pets. Whether you have a dog, a cat, or another pet that moves freely inside or outside of the house, make sure that the following common household dangers for pets are stored out of reach to keep your pets safe.

Cleaning Products

While many cleaning products are safe for pets and humans to be around, always be diligent about reading labels and keeping your pets away from the products after use if the label indicates that you should do so. Some cleaning products like bleach and more concentrated solutions can cause upset stomachs if ingested or even chemical burns. 

Chocolate, Coffee Grounds, and Alcohol

As a general rule of thumb, chocolate, coffee grounds, and alcohol, among other human foods, are a bit “no-no” for your pets. Ingesting any of these human foods can cause serious harm or potential death to your dog or cat, and you should make sure that your trash and recycling bins containing food scraps or containers with traces of any of these are safely secured and impenetrable to your pets.

Fertilizers, Rodenticides, and Insecticides 

Garden fertilizers and pesticides often contain toxic chemicals that may cause pancreatitis or blockages in your pet’s intestines or stomach. Additionally, poison for rats and insects is very dangerous to your pets! These chemicals and concoctions are meant to attract and kill other creatures, which means they’re potentially fatal for your pets, too.


Much like the other items on this list, human prescription and over-the-counter medications are often not intended to be ingested by animals, and if your pet gets a hold of any of yours, it could spell disaster. All medications can be fatal or toxic if ingested improperly by humans or animals, and it’s in your best interest to keep all medications far, far away from your pets.


If your pet accidentally ingests or is exposed to any of these common household dangers for pets, call Caudle Vet Clinic at (615) 227-6230. We prioritize giving your pet compassionate care, and its safety and health is our utmost concern.

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