What To Get Your Pet For Christmas

what to get your pet for Christmas

It’s officially December, which means that Christmas is right around the corner! Although you may have proactively purchased gifts for your family and friends, have you decided what to get your pet yet? Choosing a great gift for your pet’s Christmas present should be simple because you know your pet better than anyone else! Whether your favorite companion is a cat or a dog, we’ve rounded up our top 3 picks for each furry friend this Christmas.

Top 3 Christmas Gifts for Dogs


Gift your dog a cuddler-style heated bed for Christmas! This gift is perfect for those who live in colder climates where temperatures drop during the winter. Give your pup a warm place to lie his or her head after a long winter day. 

Keep your dog entertained and stimulated during dinner time by hiding its food in this snuffle mat. This mat encourages your dog to use its natural foraging instincts and get some exercise. It’s also just a ton of fun!

Add your pet’s favorite treat to this handy tool to keep your dog and yourself happy during bath time! This product attaches to any smooth surface and is designed to keep your dog occupied while you bathe or groom it.  

Top 3 Christmas Gifts for Cats


Give your cat the gift of a sunny bed with a window perch for it to soak up the sunlight during the colder winter months! This window perch can hold cats up to 40 lbs. and easily attaches to your glass window or door with suction cups.

Keep your cat on its toes with this Ambush Interactive Cat Toy! Much like a whack a mole, this toy comes with a rotating feather designed to keep your cat on its toes and entertain it. Simulating prey, this toy stimulates your cat and encourages it to stay active.

Bring natural fiber into your home during the winter months for your cat! This grass easily adds fiber to your cat’s diet while being an enjoyable snack that aids digestion and reduces the likelihood of producing hairballs.


No matter what Christmas gift you get your pet, they’re sure to enjoy it. As always, keeping your pet’s health and safety top of mind is one of the greatest gifts of all, which is why it’s important to schedule regular check-ups at the vet to make sure everything is in good repair. Our compassionate staff at Caudle Vet Clinic has years of experience caring for furry friends, and we always strive to treat your pets as if they were our own. Give us a call at (615) 227-6230 to schedule an appointment today!

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