How Often Should I Be Washing My Dog?

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How Often Should I Be Washing My Dog?

A dog playfully biting water as its being sprayed with a hose

Regular bathing is key to human and canine hygiene, but how often should you really be washing your dog? It all depends on a variety of factors, but as a general rule, washing your dog a minimum of once every three months is advised to keep your dog happy, healthy, and clean.

Although it can be difficult to determine how often you should be washing your dog, here are a few tips on discerning what frequency you should give your pooch a bath:


Is your dog an outdoor dog or does it live indoors? If your dog resides outdoors, there’s a much greater likelihood that it will encounter bacteria, germs, and dirt and grime on the regular. On the other hand, if your dog lives in your house 24/7, it may not get dirty as frequently. However, you may want to be more vigilant at washing it because it lives with you and your family. Adapt the bathing frequency that fits your dog’s lifestyle: if your dog is an outdoor dog, you might want to bathe it every two weeks vs. maybe once every month if it’s an indoor dog. 

Hair Type

Does your dog have a thick coat that is the perfect residence for dirt, twigs, leaves, and dust? Or is your dog short-haired? The longer the hair, the more frequently you should bathe your dog. 


What does your dog’s medical history look like? If your dog is disease-prone or has health conditions, medicated shampoo may be a good idea. Additionally, more regular grooming, including frequent bathing, may be recommended for dogs that are not free from health conditions.

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