Should I Be Feeding My Dog Human Food?

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Should I Be Feeding My Dog Human Food?

A dog wearing a birthday hat, looking adorable and ready to celebrate with its festive headgear.

It’s always tempting to give your dog table scraps when it stares at you with those big adorable eyes. However, is it safe? Should you be feeding your dog human food? A lot of dog owners have this exact same question, and today, we’ve got an answer for you:

At the end of the day, every expert will have his or her own personal opinion on whether you should be feeding your dog human food or not, but the most widely accepted answer to this question is…yes!

You certainly can feed your dog human food if you want to, and if it is the right kind of human food. Most foods that are good for humans are good for dogs, too. After all, dogs are mammals just like humans. In general, lean meats and vegetables are good for dogs. 

However, it works in reverse, too. Human junk food is also junk food for dogs. Don’t feel the need to feed your dog processed, fatty, or sugary foods. Although they won’t always hurt your furry friends, it’s better to be safe than sorry, and all those table scraps add up until your dog is overweight and suffering from different diseases due to the junk content of the human food you fed it.

Also, be sure you don’t feed your dog splintery bones, chocolate, or any of the foods on this list that may be detrimental to its health. Lastly, moderation is key! Any food in excess, even “good” and “healthy” foods, are going to take a toll on your dog’s health and well-being. Make sure that if you are feeding your dog human food, it’s only a moderate amount on top of its daily dog food.

If you have any other pet-related questions, feel free to call us at Caudle Vet Clinic at (615) 227-6230  and schedule a check-up to ensure your dog’s health is up to par. Here at Caudle, we strive to administer compassionate, loving care to your pet, attending to all of its needs. Give us a call to learn more!

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