Proper Dental Hygiene For Your Pet

Dental Hygiene For Your Pet

Your pet’s oral hygiene matters and you shouldn’t let it go by the wayside! If you aren’t reminded by this fact by subpar breath, remind yourself that your pet, like yourself, also needs a daily oral hygiene routine. In an ideal world, you’ll be brushing your pet’s teeth twice daily, but we also know that won’t always be feasible.

So, what does proper dental hygiene for your pet look like?

1. Get your pet’s teeth checked at least once a year at the vet

Making sure your pet attends its annual veterinary appointment is an important part of its dental hygiene. During an annual checkup, your veterinarian will do an oral exam of your pet’s mouth, checking for signs of disease and decay around your pet’s gums and teeth. They may even take x-rays like your dentist does periodically. If your normal veterinarian doesn’t offer an oral exam, it’s time to look into a veterinary dentist to take your pet to so they can have the proper checkup performed. 

2. Remove your pet’s dental plaque and tartar regularly.

Much like yourself, your pet needs to have its dental plaque and tartar removed regularly as its buildup can cause tooth decay, cavities, and more. The easiest way to do this is to brush your pet’s teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste made for pets. Try to brush your pet’s teeth at least a couple of times a week, if not daily. Cats will likely be more resistant to brushing than dogs, but training your pets to tolerate it is of paramount importance. Once they’re familiar with the routine, they should begrudgingly accept it.

3. Are you feeding your pet quality food that won’t irritate its gums and teeth? 

Or are you feeding your pet table scraps? Make sure that the food you’re feeding your pet isn’t super sticky and that you remove it when you brush their teeth. Additionally, giving your pet dental chews from time to time will also help combat potential tooth decay and gum disease.

While these three steps are important facets of a proper dental hygiene routine for your pet, we also recommend you consult your veterinarian for advice specific to your pet’s oral health. For pet dental assistance or any medical treatment or examinations, Caudle Vet Clinic provides compassionate care for your pet and treats it like it was our own. Contact us today at (615) 227-6230 to learn more. 

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