What You Need To Know Before Boarding Your Pet

Boarding Your Pet

Every so often, you find yourself planning a trip or traveling to a wedding where your pet isn’t invited or can’t come along for some reason. If you’re traveling overseas or for an extended period of time, your pet may not be able to just stay with friends or family, which means boarding it is an attractive and viable option.

However, how do you determine where the best place is for your pet to board? Will they take proper care of it and treat it with love and respect? How should you “vet” your boarding options so you can ensure your pet ends up at one that will take care of it as well as you do?

1. Read online reviews and ask around.

How well known is the boarding service or kennel? What do past pet owners have to say about their dog or cat’s experience at the kennel? Your friends, family, and neighbors in the area with pets probably know which boarding services are the most reputable and have one or two that they love. It’s always good to check your pet into a tried and trusted boarding service.

2. Visit the kennel to see if it’s a good fit.

Before you commit to letting your pet stay at a particular kennel or boarding location, swing around to visit and chat with the staff on-site. Does your pet interact with other pets? What do playtime, feeding, grooming, and other activities look like? Especially if your pet requires special accommodations for any health conditions or behavioral conditions, talking with the staff who will be caring for your pet before committing to a kennel is a smart move.

3. Know each kennel’s requirements.

Does your pet have all the vaccinations and flea and tick prevention medications required by kennel or boarding services? Not all kennels will allow your pet to stay there if they’re not properly vaccinated. Take care to check their requirements and get any of them checked off your list in advance of whenever you’re planning to leave your pet at the kennel.

In addition to these 3 steps, we also recommend gathering together all of your pet’s medications and food to give to the kennel, as well as a list of allergies, so your pet will be properly cared for and safe during its stay. For assistance getting your pet vaccinated and ensuring its good health, schedule a vet appointment at Caudle Vet Clinic by calling (615) 227-6230.

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