Tips On Caring For Your Dog In The Heat

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Tips On Caring For Your Dog In The Heat

Two dogs sitting in grass wearing bandanas.

Heat waves during summertime aren’t uncommon, and dogs can get dehydrated quickly. While it can be tempting to spend your summer days in the sun, being overzealous about spending time outdoors can overwhelm your dog and cause its systems to overheat. With record-breaking temperatures in Middle Tennessee this summer, your pet may feel too weak and lethargic to enjoy the season’s perks. To avoid the heartache of seeing your precious pup suffer from heatstroke, you can take a few simple precautions to ensure you and your pet are safe and healthy from the scorching summer heat! 

What Are Some Simple But Effective Precautions You Can Take To Protect Fido From The Heat?

  • Replenish your dog with fresh, clean water when it’s humid or hot outside. Take advantage of areas where shade is abundant, and watch your dog’s energy levels, so they don’t overexert themselves. 
  • Know the symptoms of overheating in dogs which can include difficulty breathing, increased heart rate, and an elevated body temperature of over 104 degrees. When you notice these signs, you can take action sooner rather than later. Keep in mind that while all dogs are prone to overheat, some dog breeds are more prone than others to heat strokes. 
  • Touching hot asphalt during summer as a human is uncomfortable, but it is even more so for a dog. If your pup has sensitive paw pads, they can burn after contact with hot asphalt. We advise you to take walks during the evening when it’s cooler or keep walking during the hottest times of the day to a minimum.  

Beware Of Leaving Your Dog In A Hot Car: What Should You Know About Overheated Cars During Summer?

  • Cars are still susceptible to overheating during the summer, whether you have left your window cracked open an inch or not. Even if you have parked in the shade, it makes little difference in protecting your dog from the sun, especially when shady areas move with the sun. 
  • While hot cars are uncomfortable for all dogs, certain factors make some dogs more vulnerable to overheated vehicles than others. Age, weight, and even thicker and darker-colored coats contribute to faster overheating in a dog. 
  • Even if you think, “oh, it will just be a few minutes,” you’d be surprised to hear how quickly cars can heat up. Temperatures inside your vehicle can rise almost 20 degrees Fahrenheit in just 10 minutes! It’s best not to underestimate just how hot the weather can get in a matter of minutes. 

At Caudle Vet Clinic, we are committed to treating your dog like they’re our own. Conveniently located in Middle Tennessee, we have over four decades of experience providing specialized services and support to Nashville’s pets and their doting parents. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure your dog is healthy because we know how integral pets are to a family unit. Whether your dog is sick or needs a routine checkup to ensure they are fit for the long-term, you can connect with us here or call us at (615) 227-6230. We’re here to help your pet through all stages of their life!

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