What To Expect When Boarding Your Pet

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What To Expect When Boarding Your Pet

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It’s summer vacation, and schedules are more flexible. You may even be thinking of taking a trip! Going on vacation is exciting, but if your pet isn’t allowed with you for whatever reason, you’ll want to find the best place for them to live for extended periods. You might have several questions: What’s the best place to board my dog or cat? Would that boarding facility treat my pet like it’s their own? How do I know which kennel is a good fit? We know that your pet is like your baby and that you would want nothing but the best for them!

Getting Started: How Can You Pick A Boarding Facility That Is A Good Fit?

  • First things first, you may need to pay a visit to the kennel or boarding facility so you can meet the staff and ask lots of questions. You can also ask your friends and family which pet boarding services they’ve used so you can stay in line with what’s tried and true!
  • Make sure that the kennel or boarding service you are using is certified. Ensure that the people taking care of your pet while you’re out of town have experience with pet-sitting. It doesn’t hurt to check a few references. 
  • Research vaccination requirements! You should also check them for ticks and fleas if you have a dog. 

Long-Term Living: What Else Should You Know About Boarding Your Pet?

  • With 76% of millennials being parents of a fur baby, it’s natural to feel some guilt when leaving your pet at a boarding facility for long periods. One thing that can keep your mind at ease is to read online reviews! Positive (or negative!) word-of-mouth gets around, so seeing high star ratings and reviews can be a great way to determine whether a boarding facility is equipped to take care of your pet. 
  • Be familiar with different kennels’ requirements. Every kennel is different, and some kennels will not allow your pet to stay if they aren’t adequately vaccinated. Make a to-do list of all requirements necessary for a smooth transition period. 
  • Ask about optional services like additional playtime or specialized grooming services! This can be an excellent way to keep your pet engaged and pampered while you’re away. 

At Caudle Vet Clinic, we offer vaccinations and other wellness exams to ensure that your furry friend is in tip-top health. Located in East Nashville, we are Middle Tennessee’s premier vet clinic providing reliable services for over 45 years. Our team consists of the most highly qualified, licensed veterinarians along with our trained assistants and technicians who keep operations running smoothly. If your pet needs an annual checkup or they are coming down with something, contact us at (615) 227-6230.

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