Top-Tier Treats: Wag-Worthy Gifts For Your Pet This Christmas

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Top-Tier Treats: Wag-Worthy Gifts For Your Pet This Christmas

gifts for your pet

The holiday season is upon us, and you don’t want your furry friends to feel left out during gift-giving! We encourage you to treat your pet with gifts such as healthy treats or toys that will help them stay active and safe. Here are some fantastic treats to consider getting your pet for the holiday season: Caudle Vet Clinic approved! Here we will share ideas for gifts for your pet this holiday season!

Pet Gift Ideas

  • This Dinosaur Dental Chew Toy would be a great new toy for your dog, bringing them fun while also keeping their teeth clean! 
  • Do you and your pet love to go on outdoor adventures together? Consider getting them a portable water bowl that is practical and will keep them hydrated. 
  • Every pet loves treats! These fish flakes for cats are low in carbs, making them a healthier treat, while Zuke’s Mini Naturals are perfect for your dog. 
  • If you have a bigger dog, consider getting them the Kong Extreme Goodie Bone, a durable chewer for large dogs! 

Keeping Your Pet Safe During Festivities

With all the excitement of the holidays, pets can sometimes get into trouble, whether it be with decorations or food that has been left out. Be sure to keep a watchful eye on your pet to keep them safe during this time! Here are some safety tips: 

  • Keep human food out of the reach of your pet, and ask your guests to do the same. Many of the decadent and sweet foods we eat during the holidays can be detrimental to your pets health! Chocolate, xylitol, grapes, raisins, onions, garlic or other toxic foods can cause your pet to become very ill.
  • Keep holiday plants such as mistletoe, lilies, and holly out of pets’ reach. 
  • Cats may be attracted to mess with the tinsel on your tree, so consider leaving it off. 
  • Make sure your pet is never left alone with candles or other open flames. 
  • Keep your Christmas tree secured so that it won’t fall down if your pet bumps into it. 
  • Ensure you have a safe, quiet space for your pet to escape the excitement, such as a crate, perch, scratching shelf or hiding place, if you have company over. If your pet gets easily excited or anxious, it may be best for them to stay in another room with toys and a favorite bed. 

Caudle Vet Clinic wishes you and your loved ones a safe and happy holiday season! We hope to keep your pet healthy and happy in the new year. We can be reached at (615) 227-6230 or via our website. Enjoy the festivities that this wonderful season brings!  

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