Why Rawhides Are Not Good for Your Dogs

Many dog parents know that rawhides are a popular and well-loved treat for their dogs. But as a dog parent, have you thought about whether rawhides are a good treat for your dog to chew? You may be shocked to learn that rawhides aren’t always the pet-friendly treat it claims to be. Rawhides are known for their sturdiness, allowing your dog to chew on them for days. But as with everything, moderation is key, and if your dog ingests large pieces or chews on a rawhide for too long, they can fall sick. Education is vital to giving your dog the best possible care they deserve as an important member of the family. We have listed below things you should know about rawhides and why you should opt for a safer treat for fido.

What Should You Know?

  • Rawhides are made from animal skins, most commonly cow and bull skins. These dry animal skins are then twisted into bone shapes to make them more appealing to your dog.
  • While edible, rawhides shouldn’t be used as a meal substitute! Rawhides are anything but flimsy, and if your dog chews on a rawhide for too long, their body can react negatively.
  • Many manufacturers and pet stores have stayed away from producing and selling traditional rawhides to more digestible rawhide options. Bully sticks and even carrots have been known to be safer choices!

Why Should Your Dog Stray Away From Rawhides?

  • The biggest concern with rawhides is that they are tough to break through. If your dog accidentally chews off a larger piece than they can chew, your precious pup may choke.
  • They can get stuck easily in your dog’s esophagus and intestinal tract, which can block normal bodily functions.
  • Tooth decay is another concern that comes from rawhides. When your dog is constantly chewing a treat that is so robust, their teeth could take a toll. The problem here is twofold if you have a teething pup on your hands.

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