Dog Toys Can Be Hazardous

A black doodle dog happily carries a red stuffed toy in its mouth, displaying its playful nature and love for fetching objects.

Your dog is a cherished member of your family, and they deserve the very best. Their playtime habits determine your dog’s quality of life. When your furry friend is stimulated, they are happier and more engaged. As a dog parent, it is critical to buy your precious pup toys that are safe and keep them busy. However, you may be shocked to know that some well-loved dog toys are actually dangerous for your dog. Aside from hazardous dog toys, we will also provide the information below on ways to incorporate exercise into your dog’s playtime so that they can stay healthy!

What Kinds of Dangerous Dog Toys Should You Look Out For?

  • While ball toys for dogs are great for their playtime, you should watch out for balls that are too big for your dog or even too small, depending on your dog’s size. Smaller balls can slip down your dog’s throat if you’re not keeping a watchful eye. Opt for tennis balls because they’re fuzzy and unlikely to fall down your dog’s throat. 
  • Stuffed toys are fun for your dog to chew, but a choking hazard may be present if your furry friend chews on the toy’s eye or other small parts. You should also watch out for any stuffing from the toy that your dog could ingest. 
  • Dog bones are another concern you should note. When giving your dog a bone, make sure it’s big enough for your dog so that they don’t risk swallowing it whole. Size matters! How can you incorporate more exercise into your dogs playtime?

How Can You Incorporate More Exercise Into Your Dog’s Playtime?

  • During walks with your dog, play fetch with them to keep them active! You don’t have to limit yourself to the outdoors if it’s cold or rainy- you can buy an electronic toy for your dog to chase or even walk around the house. 
  • Thinking of another way for your dog to get indoor exercise? Have them climb the stairs! You can get them to follow you up the stairs or throw a tennis ball upstairs for them to play fetch. It gets their blood flowing, and you can have some much-needed bonding time with your furry friend. 
  • Something fun that your dog would enjoy is playing a game that would allow them to enhance their sniffing abilities, i.e., leaving treats in boxes and creating a scent trail to that location. Not only does this revive your dog’s mental capabilities, but your pup will surely enjoy the treat at the end of the game!

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