How We Treat Your Dog For Heartworms

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How We Treat Your Dog For Heartworms

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When you hear the word “heartworm,” you probably think of a creepy-crawly creature that causes your pet a tremendous amount of sickness and discomfort. Heartworms can cause several health risks, which is why it is imperative that when your pup shows signs of heartworm disease, you must take action immediately. By investigating your dog’s heartworm issue, the subsequent courses of action can be taken to cure fido of heartworms and help prevent them from coming back. Below, we have listed symptoms and treatment of heartworm disease, so you can be on the lookout if something like this happens to your dog. 

What Are Some Symptoms Of Heartworm Disease In Dogs?

  • Many dogs may not show symptoms in the early stages of the disease; however, the longer the infection stays in your dog’s system, the more pronounced the symptoms will appear after time. 
  • Signs of heartworm disease in dogs can range from a mild persistent cough to decreased appetite and weight loss. 
  • Heart failure and a swollen belly from excess fluids in your dog’s abdomen can be more severe symptoms as heartworm disease progresses. In worst-case scenarios, dogs with heartworm disease can develop blood flow blocks towards the heart leading to cardiovascular collapse. 

What Are The Treatments Out There For Heartworm Disease In Dogs? 

  • Blood tests are the most common form of testing for heartworms in dogs. Heartworm proteins usually lie in a dog’s bloodstream, so antigen tests can detect the severity of your dog’s heartworm condition. 
  • Going to your vet regularly and getting complete health and wellness exams are essential to keeping your pet as healthy as they can be in the long run. 
  • When was the last time your furry friend got vaccinated? Routine vaccinations can give your pet armor against a host of preventable illnesses, which can help you avoid breaking the bank over treatments that could have been prevented. 

At Caudle Vet Clinic, we know that dogs are a human’s best friend; this is why it is our topmost priority to treat your precious pup like they’re our own! Heartworms are serious business, and if left untreated, they can kill a pet. We offer effective heartworm and other intestinal parasite testing, which allows us to gather results during your pet’s exam. Knowledge is power, and with this knowledge, we can conduct the proper treatment and preventative plan to charge ahead. If your dog is experiencing heartworm symptoms, contact us at (615) 227-6230. We’ll take the heartache out of pet heartworm disease. 

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