How To Keep Your Pet Safe This 4th Of July

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How To Keep Your Pet Safe This 4th Of July

An adorable canine displaying patriotism by carrying an American flag.

The fourth of July is certainly a jolly time of year. Food, fireworks, festivities… What could go wrong, right? While many of these fourth of July traditions are fun for most humans, our furry friends aren’t on the same page. 

The noise from fireworks, for example, can be frightening and even downright dangerous for your pets. The summer heat and travel can cause discomfort for your pet, and let’s not even get into how hazardous any potential debris can be if your pet interacts with it. We have some pet safety tips listed below to help you and your pet enjoy this time of year without the headache of your dog or cat getting shocked or sick. 

As A Pet Parent, How Can You Prepare For The Fourth Of July? 

  • Make your pet some name tags! These tags should have the most up-to-date information on how someone should contact you should anything happen to your pet. 
  • If you’ve noticed your quadruped friend getting anxious during this time in previous years, you can sign them up for behavioral therapy sessions to help reduce the risk of shock or illness. It is best to connect with your veterinarian or a veterinary professional for more information. 
  • Check for safety measures in your yard. If your neighbor were to celebrate with fireworks, are there fences to keep your pet in your yard? If not, consider making improvements or investing in an invisible fence if you haven’t already. 

How To Keep Your Pet Safe DURING Fourth Of July Celebrations?

  • If you’re going to a party, leave your pet(s) at home with appropriate protective measures so that they don’t wander. If you’re hosting a party, request your guests to watch out for your furry family members so that you have extra sets of eyes looking out for your pets. 
  • If you have sparklers, charcoal, fireworks, kabob skewers, or glow sticks, keep them out of reach from your curious pets. 
  • As the case usually is in the peak of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, excess heat and sun can be an uncomfortable ordeal to bear. Keep your pet hydrated and indoors if humidity is present. It’s essential to provide this for your pet several times a day, including before going to bed and waking up. 

We hope you found the above tips helpful! At Caudle Vet Clinic, we are committed to providing compassionate care for your furry friends. We offer reliable services in the greater Middle Tennessee area, with primary care services as our specialty. We also provide an on-site pharmacy and a state-of-the-art surgery suite with only the most trained technicians and assistants. Pets are an intrinsic part of our family units, and it is with this mentality we fulfill our mission. Contact us at (615) 227-6230. Whether your dog or cat needs an annual checkup or treatment for an illness, we are here to help!

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