Is It Really Safe Shaving Double-Coated Dogs?

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Is It Really Safe Shaving Double-Coated Dogs?

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As a pet parent, you only want the best for your precious pup, whether they are double-coated or not. A double-coated dog is defined as having a wide range of colors and shades on their fur. Their furs may also have different length sizes. As a pet parent, you may think that shaving your double-coated dog frequently is good for their well-being, especially during summertime, but more often than not, this is not the case! Dogs need their coat, including double-coated dogs, so it is crucial to ensure proper care is taken to maintain them. 

Why Is It Not Recommended To Shave A Double-Coated Dog?

  • Removing a dog’s coat can mess up their internal temperatures, making them feel warmer. Aside from panting, dogs keep cool through increased blood flow. Dogs have larger spleens than humans which helps control heat, and this blood flow can circulate more heat in their bodies. Your dog’s skin has muscles that raise the outer coat of their fur, also called guard hairs, allowing heat control. Your dog can feel significantly hotter when you shave their coat which can be incredibly uncomfortable for them during summer. 
  • Your dog may also shed more if you shave their outer coat. When cut short, a dog’s skin function becomes irregular, causing them to shed more. This can also lead to their outer coat not growing back!
  • Shaving your double-coated dog leaves their skin vulnerable to the sun’s UV rays. Just like it is essential for us humans to wear our sunscreen to protect our skin from harmful UV rays, your dog’s skin also needs protection from the sun. An ample double coat serves that purpose, which is highly critical during this time of year, so avoid shaving their outer coat this season!

How Can You Ensure Your Dog Is Comfortable As Temperatures Rise?

  • Keep an eye on your dog’s water bowl and ensure it’s replenished with fresh water. You also want to check their energy levels to see that they aren’t overexerting themselves. 
  • Asphalt is painful to touch in the heat as a human, but this is even more so for a dog! That’s because dogs have sensitive paw pads which can burn after contact with hot asphalt. It’s best to take walks during the evening as much as possible. 
  • And, of course, visit your local vet for a checkup! It’s always a good time to set up an appointment for your dog, whether they’re due for an annual checkup or not. If you suspect your four-legged friend is experiencing a heat stroke from the summer weather, fill out this contact form and get your dog the compassionate care they need. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your pet’s health!

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